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TacOps Shadow Investigation of Wisconsin LLC

Welcome to TacOpsShadow.com.  We are your elite Tactical Operations service provider.   Here at TacOps Shadow Investigation of Wisconsin LLC, we handle every case and every assignment as a tactical operation. We provide Private investigations and High Risk Security covering the entire state of Wisconsin using the newest technology and covert methods available.

What sets us apart from other investigation/security companies is the ability to use a K9 for many different assignments. Our specially trained K9s assist us in missing persons and many other aspects of investigation along with various security and personal protection cases. Not only do we perform both investigation and security, but we also specialize in discrete consultation. For more details please refer to the Investigation, Security and About Us sections on our website.

Current Customers Reviews and Comments

Jen J

"Great company to use. I needed some information for someone that I hadn't heard from in many years. They were very efficient and got me information I was unable to discover myself. Definitely recommend if you need help."

"The service was conducted in a friendly, professional manner and was very thorough, giving me the peace of mind that my home is secure and my family is safe."

"I contacted TacOps Shadow Investigation of Wisconsin LLC to have someone served. Not only were they responsive (called me back within 30 minutes), they were very proactive in processing my request on such short notice and very sensitive to my needs. The rate was extremely reasonable and the service exceeded my expectations! I would refer this company to anyone and everyone needing the services they provide."

"Great company to use. I just had them do a in-home security assessment and also had them set up security cameras in my house. Being a single mom, I was concerned about the safety of me and my kids, after someone broke into our house (thankfully we were gone at the time)... But now I can watch any security camera live, or play it back to about 2 weeks!! Also, the guy that came to do the home security assessment, did a walk through with me AND my kids... to know what to do and where to go (or hide) until help is on the way."

Willie C#$%^ posted on Tac-Ops Shadow Investigation of Wisconsin LLC's timeline
"Hey Matt,
Lisa, Aly and I would like to thank you for spending Saturday with us giving us the CCW courses. Already having my permit I didn’t think I’d be as interested as I was. Learned a lot, and you gave all of us much to think about in our daily personal security. Thank you so much for the perspective you shared with Lisa and Aly that they don’t have to be a victim or live in fear. I am grateful for the confidence I see in them now. As a husband and father that is priceless.

We will be taking you up on your services next fall when Aly and her friends set up their house in Madison for the school year. Again when we put in place some of the things you shared about security in the home will bring a peace of mind to this father.

Again Thanks,
Bill, Lisa and Aly.

P.S. And we came to love Sascha very quickly, she looks like a loyal partner.

Please see our About Page for More Reviews and Letter of Recommendation from Law Enforcement and Military.

Every wonder what kind of gear we use in the field...check out the video as I show you everything others don't want you to see...in NightVison!!!

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